Ember Agency is a unique performance agency whose sole focus is to bring new and exciting performances to Weddings across Ireland...

Aerial Acrobatics

A vibrant and diverse performance company specialising in spectacle, skill and quality production on and off the ground, PaperDolls are renowned for their unique, visual and creative approaches to aerial performance. They design site-specific and custom performances, tailor made for your event, or simply contribute a magical element to the atmosphere of any corporate, social or celebratory occasion.

They specialise in:
  • Aerial silks
  • Corde Lisse
  • Solo and doubles trapeze
  • Solo, doubles and triples aerial hoop
  • Bespoke, site specific aerial and ground performances
  • Carnival, circus themes or ambient, contemporary styles
  • Short performances and/or durational physical installations
  • Solo or ensemble performances
  • Option of live musical accompaniment
  • Unique costuming, make-up and design

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